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Best Online Sports Betting Sites

Despite the common belief that it’s impossible to make money from sports betting, there are many people who make huge profits from bets on sports. In order to succeed in betting, they did a lot of research on sports statistics, betting odds on different betting sites (including betting shops), staking plans, betting methods, etc.

Basically, every experienced online punter uses a certain strategy which takes into account many variables to take the most of online sports betting. If you are going to turn this exciting hobby into the profitable business, you also want to stick to some important rules and tips.

Betting on sports is the activity of predicting outcomes of sporting events and wagering on a certain outcome. In other words, you are staking money on your favourite, whether it is a football team, horse or dog. Likewise, you can place a bet on a tennis player, F1 driver, boxer, etc. When your favourites win, your wager wins too and if they lose, your wager is lost. Everything is pretty clear.

Online_BettingToday online betting sites allow staking on any sports events taking place anywhere in the world. Without a doubt, online betting is the most convenient way to make a bet for anyone, from a newbie to a skillful bettor. Just select a stronger team and make a bet in a web browser on your computer or mobile app on a smartphone, whether you are at home or in a favourite pub.

Before you start your journey in the world of sports betting, take a look at our list of the best betting offers and online bookmakers.

Apart from winnings, betting on sports is about fun and excitement, literally, nothing can compare with a great pleasure and joy when your bet wins. For someone, online sports betting might seem a bit tricky, however, there is nothing complicated there. Once you look through betting basics and know more about betting strategies and staking plans, everything becomes much easier to catch on.

Online sports betting sites allow you to practice wagering without spending much money — you can choose the best bet size on your own. Betting websites offer both pre-match and live markets, so, it’s up to you which sports events to select. You have a chance to enjoy watching a stunning clash between best Premier League clubs and bet on this game online. To benefit from these exciting opportunities, of course, learn betting basics first.

Best Online Sports Betting Odds

Let’s get acquainted with sports betting odds. Depending on the probability of a certain outcome of a match, tournament, etc., bookmakers set odds and place them in betting lines. The odds for the same outcomes of the game are typically similar on different best betting sites, however, select websites with the best offers. The better the odds are, the larger winnings you get. Your task is to predict match results, find the necessary odds in a betting line and place a bet.

Online betting offers

There is a huge variety of reputable online bookmakers capable of making your betting experience easy and enjoyable. Best online betting resources are always easy to find on the Internet.  They offer numerous appealing betting options as well as different promotions, deposit bonuses, etc. Another huge advantage of the best betting sites is that they are available 24/7. Online bookmakers provide high-quality service and customer support. Once you have registered, you can select sports you want to bet on and available betting markets. Best betting sites offer lots of betting markets for football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, golf, horse racing, etc. Let’s have a closer look at what you can bet on!

Online football betting

Today football (also known as soccer) is the most popular team sport in the world. More and more football experts and gurus bet on various championships and leagues and make big money on their football knowledge. Other football punters take advantage of upcoming previews, betting predictions and tips provided by specialists and tipsters on their websites or blogs. It’s worth mentioning that there is a lot of information for beginners on these sites as well — beginner’s guides, tutorials, free football picks and tips. Online betting on football matches is not only easy, but also exciting and fun. All you need is to choose the most convenient way of how and when to bet on your favourite. You can launch the special betting app on your smartphone or tablet, pick the necessary market, find the desired selection and make a bet. So easy.

Home – Draw – Away market is the most straightforward and common way to get into football betting. The task is simple, you need to predict who will win a game. The chances of each outcome of a football match are presented in the form of fractional or decimal betting odds, and you can choose the type of the best odds you want to see. The betting odds and probability always have an inverse correlation: the higher chances a team has to win, the lower the odds are. Conversely, the lower the chances are, the higher the odds you see in a betting line.

Football betting also allows betting on goals scored. For example, the Both Teams To Score (also known as BTS or BTTS) is one of the most popular betting markets among football tipsters and bettors. If you place a bet on Both Teams to Score (Yes), and both sides score at least one goal in the match, your bet wins. Some punters tend to bet only on this selection since it’s really easy to predict this outcome, thanks to statistical analysis, the latest football news and team updates.

Besides, you can try to predict which player will score one or several goals in a match, and who will score the first and the last goals. Although such peculiar bets have high risks to lose, you can win a lot of money if your selection is correct. Moreover, online sports betting websites accept bets on yellow, red cards, corners, time of possession, etc. Of course, you want to do some research on statistics, team tasks and motivation to find a selection for a bet on these markets. Football betting tips are also available on

Horse Racing Betting

Although horse racing history began thousands of years ago, people started betting on horse races only about a century ago. Today, with a great number of online sports betting websites it’s possible to make bets on horses online. Many horse racing fans and bettors take advantage of different betting strategies, earning big money from their hobby. With that, taking into account many variables to consider, it’s not as easy to find the strategy for predicting winners in all horse competitions. First, you need to understand: the more data you use to make your predictions, the more chances to get high-performance results you have. To analyse horse’s chance of winning, make sure you know the current and overall form of the horse, the current form of the jockey, course and distance records, speed rating, track conditions. Secondly, a great betting tip for staking money on horse racing is not to copy bets made by other sporting fans. Maybe, they know nothing about this sport and make bets only for fun. By making bets on horses you’ll be able to develop your overall betting skills as well as the understanding of this exciting sport. Enjoy betting on horse racing and make a profit from it on the best betting sites! You can also get more from our horse racing tips.

 Greyhound racing betting

Betting on greyhound racing is no longer something unusual. You just predict which dog to become a winner and make a corresponding bet. Here is our list of the most useful and important tips on greyhound racing betting you can benefit from while placing bets online.

Firstly, pay attention to the age of the dog. Typically, the younger the dog, the quicker it runs. Two-year-old male dogs are known to be in top condition, while female dogs are in good shape when they are three years old.

Another advantageous tip when betting on greyhound racing is to be flexible and self-sufficing. Never rely on tipsters’ judgment and follow recommendations made by amateurs. Otherwise, your wager is most likely to lose.

Try to select a dog which takes part in competitions on a regular basis. Actually, this is the indicator of good physical shape. Some dogs often miss out races due to injuries.

Another important tip is to do the research, especially if you are making bets on greyhound races online. Look through greyhound racing stats, history and tips on the Racing Post online betting newspaper.

On the whole, online betting on horse racing is an exciting and entertaining activity capable of charging you with the most joyful and powerful emotions.

Today sports betting is getting more and more popular. Sports fans, enthusiasts and experts compete with each other and bookies for their predictions and wagers to win. Other punters bet not only for excitement and amusement but also try to turn their sports knowledge into the profitable business or additional source of income. Many of them use numerous betting strategies, plans and methodologies to increase their chances of winning.

A little extra piece of advice when you start playing money games is to never predict outcomes of sporting events when you get excited. You definitely need to understand that even at the start of a losing streak you can get emotional, so try to keep sports betting rational regardless of how much money is lost. Be reasonable and make balanced and informed decisions. Don’t look at punters who wager more than they can afford. Never bet more money than you decided before the game. If you stick to these simple yet very important tips and rules, you will always benefit. Bet with your mind and feel a taste of victory!