Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing is, in many ways, similar to horse racing since these sports both provide the fascinating experience full of strong emotions as well as allow people around the world make money from placing greyhound bet on different dog racing events. Greyhound racing is always a huge source of fun, excitement and passion for all — fans, viewers and bettors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid fan, high roller or just an amateur punter pondering on how to wager on greyhound racing in the best way possible, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of important greyhound tips and guides we picked for you.

Greyhound racing is quickly becoming one of the most popular kinds of sports among bettors and viewers in different countries. It’s worthwhile to note that British, American and Australian greyhound racing results today have much in common. Basically, greyhounds chase a mechanical lure which resembles a rabbit and travels ahead of dogs. The fastest dog is considered to be the winner of the race. People estimate the hounds’ chances of winning and make greyhound bet on their favourites. Likewise, it’s also possible to wager on a dog to finish the second, third, and so on. Some punters bet on a greyhound results to win two or more races, however, you need to be a very experienced bettor or expert to succeed in this type of betting.

With that, American greyhound racing has some differences from the competitions in other parts of the world. Races in the United States have two more dogs competing, which makes it more difficult for bettors, especially beginners, to select which dog to win the races.

In the United Kingdom, greyhound races are divided into nine race grade categories: from A9 (the lowest grade) to A1 (the highest). A1 is the best class graded race with best dogs competing. To facilitate the process of making bets, most online betting websites distinctly describe types of races for international bettors.

Dog Racing Tips and Guidelines

There is a lot of websites with tips and detailed guides on how to bet on greyhound racing cards. The Racing Post greyhounds guide, for example, an excellent choice for everyone who is looking for hounds to bet on. On this website, you’ll find betting advice, greyhound racing cards, and even books to decide on your betting strategy. Besides, there are the latest greyhound results and numerous greyhound tips on how to predict outcomes of upcoming competitions. This huge amount of information might seem a bit shocking for newcomers to the greyhound racing world. However, everything is quite simple. After a while a beginner becomes an expert in racing cards, results, betting odds and strategies.

Wagering on the dog which is in the top physical condition is a key to successful betting. Hound’s fitness level generally indicates how well the dog is prepared to run in races. Besides, you want to pay attention to a dog’s age. If a puppy is quite young and running not very fast, it is unlikely to cope well with the demanding system of dog racing. Such hound needs time and experience to unleash its full potential. With that, if a mature hound has a long history of racing events and starts running below the average level, this can be an indicator of a steady decline in its fitness. In this case, you want to think thoroughly whether it’s reasonable to bet on this dog.

Greyhound Betting Books

It’s advisable to approach the greyhound racing books with caution since the reliability of information in them can vary to a great extent. Some of these books are usually filled with statements that your bet will never lose or your chances of winning equal 100%. This is actually a  marketing trick — no one wins all the time since a winning streak is always followed by a losing streak. Your best decision here is to ignore these betting books and stick to an effective betting strategy based on greyhound racing results, stats, history, racing comparisons and reviews. Of course, you can search the Internet to find free greyhounds betting books, however, make sure you are reading unbiased opinions and reviews. Greyhound racing cards reviews are also a great source of important and valuable information. Thanks to these cards, you can get a better understanding of the whole greyhound racing business without an unnecessary information overload.

All betting websites where it’s possible to make bets on greyhound racing provide dog racing results, so, you always can check outcomes of all competitions there.

Greyhound betting strategies

To make an effective and profitable greyhound betting strategy, you might need a lot of time and investment. Indeed, for many successful bettors and handicappers, it took months or even years to elaborate effective staking methodologies and get the most of betting on this sport.

Experienced punters highlight several advantages in greyhound bet compared to wagering on horses. Firstly, there are only six hounds taking part in racing events, while in horse races it could be more than ten competitors. Therefore, it takes less time to look through all stats and choose a favourite. The second point is that greyhounds races always take longer (British racing events last a whole day) giving bettors enough time to apply their strategies.

It’s worth mentioning that there are many other keys you want to take into account while developing the strategy for greyhound betting. Here they are:

Greyhound’s fitness level. Check relevant greyhound racing results and look through stats on the Internet to get a clear understanding of the dog’s fitness level.

Racing grade. Look for the keys when the hound moves up or down its grade. Probably, its performance declines or the dog is becoming faster and stronger.

Consider these and other factors to develop an effective betting system. Besides, the next tips are also important:

Have a budget. Create a bankroll and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Be patient. According to stats, about 95% of greyhound racing punters lose money in the long term. This could happen due to wrong facts, or use wrong betting tips, tricks and tactics.

Gain knowledge. If you’re going to make big money on dog racing, do a lot of research and learn the betting jargon to understand and use all information available.

Discipline is the key. Stick to your betting strategy and learn how to manage your emotions. Try not to focus on your losses and winnings and never get excited.

A huge number of punters around the world took advantage of these greyhound tips to make their betting strategy more effective. Last but not the least, greyhound racing can be an exciting and profitable activity if you are ready to follow important rules. Get benefit from greyhound racing tips and make lots of money on this!