Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing

Horse racing is getting more and more popular worldwide. For many people, this sport is more than just a part of world history, this is rather a lifestyle and part of their lives. A large number of sports fans, recreational and professional bettors earn lots of money on horse racing and make a living just on sports betting. Besides, it’s really difficult to find another sport which brings about such excitement, joy and other powerful emotions. When it comes to betting on horse racing, there is a large number of tips and tricks you need to know in order to succeed. Picking the right strategy and finding value bets, for example, are the crucial keys to success. For beginners, however, it’s crucial to know horse racing betting tips and stick to the most important rules and guides.

Horse Racing Essentials

Horse racing today is based on the same principles as races centuries ago, therefore everyone can touch a piece of cultural traditions by visiting a local horse racing track or watching races online. There are four types of horse races: maiden racing, claiming, allowance and stakes racing. There are some classes within major categories, too, but first, let’s have a look at main types.

Maiden Races

Basically, a maiden horse is known to be a racehorse that doesn’t know the taste of victory. Races of this type usually provide an opportunity for animals that have never won any competitions before. To estimate outcomes of these events is quite difficult since few people can predict exactly who will win the races without clear favourites and outsiders. Maiden races, however, draw the attention of skilful and experienced punters with a real sense of adventure.

Claiming Races

Horses taking part in claiming races can be bought after the races ended. If someone wants to buy the racehorse, he claims it before the competition. When the race starts, a person claiming his favourite becomes its new owner, no matter how the races ended. Like in case of a maiden race, the outcomes are unpredictable, so, doing a lot of research is vital for those who are going to stake money on these events.

 Allowance Races

To participate in these races the horses must meet certain conditions — to carry a specified amount of weight, to be the winner of no more than a certain number of competitions, etc. Basically, horses that run in these races are not good yet for high-quality graded stakes races. There is a lot of conditions for participants to be eligible for allowance races, due to various traditions in different countries. Likewise, there are many variables to keep in mind when predicting outcomes of these races. So, a good rule of thumb is to gain knowledge of the sport before betting on this type of races.

Stakes and Graded Stakes Races

Stakes and graded stakes races are top-level competitions with the participation of the best horses. Actually, these are the most popular and spectacular races for all viewers, fans and punters. There are several levels of graded stakes races: Grade I, II, and III. Grade I is the highest-standard competitions taking place in the USA, the races of this level include well-known Triple Crown series. It’s worth mentioning that bets on stakes and graded stakes horse racing can reach millions of dollars.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Turning to the wagering on horse racing, a large number of strategies and methods are used by bettors to get the most of this exciting activity. Some punters, for example, bet exceptionally on recent winners, assuming that these horses are at the peak of physical condition. Other players practice laying horse strategy. In such case, instead of placing bets on a favourite to win the competition, they wager against it. First, they determine top three horses in the race, find competitors with the betting odds of between 2/1 and 4.8/1 and then bet against a runner with the lowest odds. The point is that according to statistics, favourites with betting odds within these ranges win races only about 17% of the time, so, the probability that the bet will win is very high.

Some handicappers use today horse racing tips of finding false favourites. As you know, the majority of punters use the same data to do research on horse racing, so, they typically choose the same favourite in races. As a result, thousands of people bet on the same horse, and your betting odds are falling down. That’s why the most experienced bettors spend their time studying all available information and looking for false favourites. These punters typically bet against them or select a racehorse with higher chances of winning.

To succeed in horse racing today, you want to do a lot of research and, of course, manage your emotions. Don’t get excited while betting, as otherwise, you are most likely to lose your hard-earned money. Make yourself familiar with the horse racing results, get acquainted with words and phrases of betting slang, and select the horse racing betting strategy which you feel most comfortable with.  It’s worthwhile noting that different race types and different tracks require a differential approach in horse racing today betting. Another important thing you need to do when starting to wager on horses is to learn about handicapping — it’s where you can get more accurate horse racing predictions. There are common types of making bets and predicting outcomes of horse racing results. It’s a good idea to practice simplest types of betting and only then move to more complex staking methods and systems.

A large number of factors can change from one competition to another and this can determine horse racing results today. In order to succeed in betting on horse racing, learn more about the current horse’s form and overall performance, the form of the jockey, course and distance records, speed rating, track conditions. Knowing these data basically ensures higher chances of successful predictions. You want to understand that professional horse racing betting handicappers who regularly get the highest winnings also have massive knowledge and experience. So if your goal is to become a successful punter and earn big money from horse racing betting then you should be prepared to a hard work on improving your betting skills and the overall understanding of this exciting sport.

Thanks to the development of information technologies, all recreational and professional punters can bet on horse racing results online. There is no the need to go to racing tracks and make bets there. You can place bets on any competitions online in a web browser on your computer or in a mobile app installed on your smartphone and get fast horse racing results. Online betting platforms typically feature user-friendly interface giving you all the necessary things to try your luck in the most comfortable way. In addition, you can enjoy horse racing live betting — watch live horse racing streams and bet on horse racing results in real time. You also get an access to all statistics and history of races to make the most knowledgeable bet. Besides, on the Internet, you are able to find the hottest horse racing tips from recognized tipsters. Lots of websites on a regular basis provide the latest horse racing results today, along with advantageous horse betting tips, tricks, and guides to raise the level of your betting decisions to a new level. Enjoy horse racing today and make big money from it!